Indoor Riding Arenas Have So Much To Offer

While it is true that an indoor horse riding arena can be a significant expense, an expense that you may not think is worth your while, the truth is the benefits of investing in a horse arena building are so worth the expense. In fact, it will likely end up being one of the best investments you make for your riding facility.

If you own a horse riding instruction facility, the following benefits will surely give you the incentive to move forward and pursue the addition of your very own indoor riding arena.

Year-Round Riding

No matter the weather, you and your students will be able to enjoy riding all year long in an indoor riding arena. You will never have to worry about enduring the high heat and the blaring sun in the middle of the summer, the cold winds and snow in the winter, or the soaking rain and the puddles that it creates throughout the year. When you, your students and your horses are shielded from the weather, riding will be more enjoyable – and more frequent.

Nighttime Riding

You and your students will be able to ride long after the sun goes down in an indoor riding arena. The structure can be fully lighted so that riding can be safely enjoyed at any time of the day.

Improved Footing

You, your riders and your horses will have better footing in an indoor arena. The proper drainage and materials can be used installed to ensure that footing is always secure. This will not only reduce the risk of injury, but will also make riding more enjoyable for everyone – including the horses.

More Learning and Interaction

Students, their parents and any other spectators that wish to attend can watch and observe riding from bleachers that have been installed in an indoor riding arena. Students will be able to observe their instructors and peers to gain insight and improve techniques. Parents, family and friends will be able to connect with riders and passively participate in riding instruction.

Better Self Evaluation

Riding arena construction really is important to the overall well being of the horses and the riders. Installing mirrors on the walls of an indoor arena will give students the opportunity to observe themselves as they ride. This will allow them to monitor their progress and improve their techniques as they ride.

Less Distractions

Distractions can be significantly reduced in an indoor arena. Loud noises that can spook horses, such as barking dogs, beeping horns and low-flying airplanes, will be blocked. This not only means better protection for students and horses, but it also means that students can really focus on their instruction.

Improved Sense of Security

Students will feel more secure when they are practicing in a sheltered environment. They will have less interference and will feel like they are better protected when they are enclosed, which will give them more motivation to push forward to reach their full potential.

Increased Professionalism

A well constructed horse arena footing not only beautifies your riding facility, but it gives it a much more professional look, overall. With a covered arena, your establishment will be placed in a league above your competitors that lack one.

If you are interested in improving your riding facility, contact us today to learn more about the benefits of an indoor riding arena. Our indoor riding arenas are expertly crafted and installed to ensure that you, your students and your horses will get the most out of the riding experience.